2016-2017 Lodge lights with Mathias Hernandez



Please name 5 random things that you want to HIGHLIGHT & WHY for 2016


  1. My Injuries, I rolled my right ankle during the summer holidays. I was of the board for about a month, came back strong, but rolled my left ankle after 3 sessions. Then I got a wrist surgery and it’s now 6 months ago since I’ve been skating.
  1. Roskilde Festival RF16 was so much fun! The skate contest was great, the backstage area was lit, the beer was free and the vibe was amazing! Thanks to all the guys who made it an unforgettable year (even though I don’t remember so much).
  1. My 21st birthday is definitely worth to mention! I went to Berlin with some friends from Aarhus and Copenhagen. A very good friend of mine from Vienna surprised me at Warschauer straß… I hadn’t seen her for almost a year, it was so unreal. Best birthday gift ever!
  1. Moved in with Was oak D,  I moved in with my friend Rasmus aka Was Kak D… it’s lovely and we’re having so much fun! 
  1. Hugo and Ville
    Nuff said, no need to explain



Please name 5 things that you want to DO and HIGHLIGHT for 2017 and why


  1. Skateboard comeback.
    I’m really looking forward to skate again!! 
  1. Pusher Digital Skate Mag tour.
    we’re going to Malaga in March
  1. The new indoor skatepark in Aarhus and The new concrete park at læssøesgade.
    Since I can’t skate I haven’t tried the skateparks yet… But I want to give a big shoutout to the FSR boys and The Aarhus boys, it’s definitely the best things that happened to the Aarhus skate scene in years! 
  1. Moving to Copenhagen
    I’m moving back to Copenhagen in the beginning of January. It’s going to be great, but I’ll miss my friends from Aarhus!

    5.   School
I’m going to study Spanish and Social studies in Copenhagen.

 News years resolutions ? travel more, skate more, party less, find my future wife and keep having fun

 Anything else ? Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

 Thanks to ? Family and friends, and thanks to Thomas Kring for having me on the lodge


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