2016-2017 Lodgelights with Douglas Meurling

Douglas Meurling

Douglas Meurling, enjoying LIFE

Please name 5 random things that you want to HIGHLIGHT & WHY  for 2016

1. getting my first full-time job at Carhartt WIP Copenhagen. Dream job. 10/10

2. Bought my first Appartement and I love it. Everyone is welcome to get a bottle of wine or two

3. Roskilde Festival 2016. Gaaaaddammit. Went there with my friend Henry (aka. Baeonci) and we were dusted when we got there, and dusted when we got back home

4. Turning 20 haha. Can buy my own beer now here in Sweden. No more of the ol’ smuggle box

5. No big injuries this year. Been kinda solid all year. Hopefully it stays that way


Filmed & edit by master: Tor Ström


Please name 5  things that you want to  DO and HIGHLIGHT  for 2017 and why 

1.Want to film as much as i can. Me and my best friend Calle just bought a VX2100 so hopefully we can get some shit done

2. Want to go USA and visit all my friends over there. But we have to see what my boss Mr. Kring says about it

3. Roskilde Festival 2017. enough said

4. Travel a little bit more

5. Want to be featured on BigbaggyJesus instagram. Life goal

News years resolutions ?

Building a wine cellar, stay healthy and live life

Anything else ? 

Let’s make 2k17 the greatest

Thanks to ? 

Tor Ström for tredje akten and letting me be a part off it, Eken for all the great photos and all my fuckin dawgs out there. I love you all

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