Carhartt WIP X ISLE skateboards

Carhartt WIP X ISLE Skateboard COLAB
For this collaboration with Carhartt WIP, ISLE Skateboards came together with Raphaël Zarka in a dialogue at the crossroad of skateboarding and contemporary art. Sylvain Tognelli skates for Carhartt WIP; he is part of the funding crew of ISLE skateboard. It was just a question of time before a collaboration could be set up.
Zarka’s latest discovery in spacial geometry is given a new dimension through the motions of skateboarding. The geometrical forms are printed as graphics (boards/tshirts) but are also being produced and exhibited as solid wooden sculptures to become geometrical skate obstacle and pieces of art at the same time. The products feature Nick Jensen’s researches on perspectives and materials alongside works from guest artists. please enjoy the video below.




Carhartt_isle_zarka mv160519_poitiers_carhartt_isle_063 mv161011_carhartt_isle_skate_175 mv161012_carhartt_isle_skate_275 mv161012_carhartt_isle_skate_317

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