We are seeking contributing writers




We need and seek contributing writers for the lodge. This could be YOU !

We would like to have more post with:

  • Wine reviews
  • Beer reviews
  • Skate park reviews
  • Spot reviews
  • Food recipes
  • Tranny tips and exercises
  • Products reviews
  • Other super random & spicy  reviews.

Are you the one (s)? 

The lodge, at the moment is voluntary only, we have no budget, so do it because you wanna learn, you wanna experience,  do it for the love of skateboarding,  for the fun and for the lodge.

If you wanna contribution ?  please comment  or send us your info….or fark it, even better, just start to send us reviews …

Thank you for the attention & thanks for reading


Thomas Kring

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1 Response

  1. Benjamin Kock says:

    Hey guys!!
    I Would be crazy stoked to write for you guys. I skate and i’m a chefs student so the food and Wine thing Would be right Down my alley 🙂

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