Lodge Guest, Espen Røed

Espen Røed

Espen Røed, Foto: jon levi

Name: Espen Røed
Current: Job / school: Baker
Where are you from? Oslo, Norway
Where do you currently live?  Oslo
Family status: Wife and son
Age: 42
Sponsors: none
Years of skateboarding: 30
Board size: 8,5
Wheel size: 60 mm
Trucks: 169
I change set up every: four times a year
Current Board trend: bigger

Please state your type of terrain on your board in %
(Skatepark) Flow Street, 1%
Miniramp: 19%
Vert: 40 %
Bowl: 40:%

Your daily DAY by the hours,  (or tell us about your longest day the last weeks)

06.00 zzzzz
07.00 my son wakes me up
08.00 Go to work
09.00 work
10.00 work
11.00 eat lunch
12.00 work
13.00 work
14.00 work
15.00 work
16.00 Go home
17.00 play with my son
18.00 dinner time
19.00 skate
20.00 skate
21.00 TV
22.00 TV
23.00 zzzzzz

How are you doing at the moment? Couldn’t be better

How is your body at the moment , (injuries, knees, and so so ) ?  My body is ok but my back hurts a bit

Please comment your feelings about Skateboarding in  the

80s New and exciting

90s Small wheels and baggy pants

2000 business as usual

ESPEN FS siderock: foto: unknow, credit coming

ESPEN FS siderock: foto: unknown, credit coming

2010+  sick

When I chill, I chill, with my wife and son

I’m have been on a mission lately with moving to a new appartement

When I was little I would like to be, a skijumper

I normally call my homies for skating

Your homies are,  Adil Dyani, J, Mats Hatlem, Henry Jeries Calmayer, Erik Dyblie, Ampy Tobiassen, Bjørnar Krogh, Kyrre Riksen, Carl Benny Håkegård, Audun S Mehl, Jon Pedersen og skate Martin

Favorite drink, mojito

Favorite food,  Turkish

Favorite music, Mew

Favorite film,  Drive

Favorite skateboarders, Danny way and Rune Glifberg

Favorite skate film Blind, Video days

Favorite skatepark, Tjøme skatepark

Favorite spot, Gamlebyen, Oslo

When I cook, I cook: Sushi

TOP 3 Cities, NYC, Malmö and Copenhagen

When I travel, I always bring, my wife Torill Sørlie

Best travel advice I can give is, Hawaii

Best travel memory you want to share? Traveling in California

When I do not skateboard I, go to my summerhouse

My fitness program is, pushups

The book I currently read is, biography of Mats Hatlem

Everybody should own a, summerhouse in Holmsbu

The hobby I have, no one knows about is, Interor Design

I would love to be in a movie with, Mari Maurstad

Dream session would be, when the new skatepark in Oslo is completed !! ( the park is done SOON !! )

Thanks ESPEN !

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