There is always possibility in the unknown.

There is always possibility in the unknown.

Text & Fotos : Maria Lima


You could consider this an urge to go see the world. Yes, traveling is a cliché. Everybody does it. Maybe you already did those two years after Highschool, when you went backpacking in Asia to ”search for your inner self” and came back broke and more confused about what to do in life than ever. Maybe you have a house, a wife/husband and baby and just haven’t got the time. But there are really no excuses, at least in my opinion. There is no way to be in this world if you don’t know the world you are being in.
To me this is the problem: How do I live in one place that I call home, without knowing what else is out there? My suggesting: Go. Somewhere. Anywhere. Pick the cheapest flight, get on the next bus. Gut feeling is everything.


This summer I tried to go somewhere I had never been before, where I had no friends, no references at all. I had no idea of where I was going, I mean, I couldn’t even place it on a map. A piece of advice: don’t check Tripadvisor before going. With no expectations, you are always going to be surprised. I think it was one of the first times I left without my skateboard. Because I wanted the experience of not being a skateboarder. I wanted to see something new, not the usual spot to spot, stair to stair, really mostly focusing on the material under my feet. As beautiful as the way a skateboarder sees the world can be, for me it’s important to find other perspectives. I went to Leipzig, Germany to find new motivation both in skating and just in living.

Coming back I realize that I know nothing of the skateboarding scene in Leipzig but I can tell you where to find the vegan supermarket and get the best vegan ”Eier” egg bagel, or where to go to a punk show in a new squat, find underground clubs or art galleries. I can tell you how the University building that really looks like a space station (and has a auditorium called ”Maximus”) used to be a monastery and how you can find leftovers of graves and bricks hidden inside it. I can tell you how the city was built for one million people in the time of  industrial progress but now only 500.000 people remain living there, leaving tons of old buildings empty but also leaving a possibility in the emptiness, in making new creative spaces. Inspiration is everywhere. But sometimes you need to go in a new direction, into unknown territory to find it. Because the unknown is always a possibility, a potential source of inspiration. It’s not a search for a goal or a final conclusion but the search itself that is the goal.

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