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Danijel and Martin Foto: Anna Ottosson

What is the background story for your brand?

We had been talking for quite some time about starting up some sort of side business, just for the fun of it but we weren’t sure on what we should do. It wasn’t until we went to Shanghai in 2011 that we came to the obvious conclusion that we should create a headwear brand.

From there it took nearly a year of scouting manufacturers around until we settled with the one we have now, which we are more than pleased with. Sourcing when you’re new and small is painful. Our first products reached stores just in time for Christmas in 2012.

In 2013 we also produced some t-shirts to match up the headwear collection, which were well received. From there on, we decided to expand our range from not only headwear but to a small apparel line and today, aside from headwear, we produce t-shirts, polos, longsleeves, crewnecks, socks, jackets and various accessories.



Who are the owners?

Post Details is owned by Martin Ottosson and Danijel Stankovic.



What is the reason with brand?

The main reason we settled on creating a headwear brand was that it’s a product we both use on nearly a daily basis. We also had some ideas in stock that we didn’t find with other headwear brands. Not to mention the fact that we both like to stay busy with a couple of side projects.

We must say we’re really into and fascinated by the process, from ideas and buzz in our heads, to the rough sketches Danijel sometimes doodle on his Iphone on the plane, to line arts that Martin has to clean up because of the mess. Haha! These become samples and later down the line hopefully a fun collection to be stoked and proud about to be shared with the world.



How big is your line?

It differs between seasons and drops. We try to keep it somewhere between nine to fifteen items. It should be digestable and not to beefy. We don’t add on products to the lines just to sell more or make another item just to fill a gap. We always produce the items we back 200%. NO FILLERS!




What is your favorite item?

Martin: I would say that we’re both pretty stoked on nearly all items we produce but if I got to chose one item in particular, it’s the beanies. All of them.

Danijel: As for myself i have three favorites. The 90s cap, the lates diagonal polo we did exclusively for Ron Herman in Japan and our Almost Dead vest. Thats my bangers.

We’re also extremely proud to be able to say that all our products are produced in Europe, but that’s more a general take on the brand and not a specific item.




What would a dream project be for you?

All projects are dream projects, but it would be rad to somehow involves our kids. And the year 1999. Who knows? Might become reality one day.



What is the future for your brand?

To keep growing and gain a bigger presence around the globe. And, of course, to keep it fun. Create projects with people we like. There is so much to do but never enough time.




How are sales at the moment?

Having a regular day job and doing Post on the side affects not only the consistency the drops but in the long run, also the sales.

We believe that there is more to do on this part, but we try to keep a steady pace and not rush into getting more accounts. We still want to be able to serve retailers in the right way and have time to progress and develop and not outgrow our realistic capacity overnight. You see that happen to brands very often these days and most tend to die a after their big boom.




Can you make living out of the brand?

At the moment, no. Luckily for us, we both have semi-normal jobs that puts food on the table.




Any advise for upcoming brand owners?

Be prepared for a lot of hard work. Believe in your product. Don’t give up. It’s easy to get caught up in an idea or in a specific product, but sometimes it’s great to get the objective view.


We suggest you share ideas and listen to your wives, friends and the people close to you and never underestimate the power of being small. Figure out how to utilise that.



Anything else?

Go Zlatan!



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