Lodge Legend, Derek Krasauskas

a Happy Derek, photo Mark Nichols


Name: Derek Spartacus Krasauskas

Current: Job / school: I work as a tech in the i.t. filed.

Where are you from? I am born and raised in Baltimore City Maryland

Where do you currently live?

I live outside the city of Baltimore these days in a town named Towson. No more crack dealers and murders out my front door. lol

Kids / family status:  

I have been married to my wife Tanya now for a bit over 20years.  She is a great human. We have 3 children together Max 10, Ava 15 and Jordan 19. They are my world


44  at the moment but will be 45 in a few weeks.. (old in the number but not in the heart)


Green Issue, Skeleton Key, Fuel Socks and Charm City skatepark. I get flow from Puma, Dakine and Bucky Lasek

Years of skateboarding:

40 years give or take but I had my 1st hospital visit from skating at age 5 so a long long time

Board size: 8.36

Wheel size: 58mm

Trucks:  Indys. 149mm I suppose?

I change set up every:

I like to have fresh wood fairly often but I only change trucks when needed. Every few years or so and when I do I get all mental thinking about it.  I don’t like changing trucks

Tell us about skateboarding in 1990s- 2000s – 2010s


The 90s were a strange time in skateboarding for me. I still loved it but the ramps were gone and the empty promise of turning pro faded as the market died. In a sense I liked that time because it weeded out people that didn’t need to be skateboarding. J


This was a time when non skateboard corporations started dropping money and molding skateboarding for TV entertainment. In a sense it was great because there was big money that was never there before but with that money came corporate influence and that is never good for the heart of skating. This was also a very dark time in my life. Sometime around 2007 I finally lost my mom that had been sick since I was 12, There was once again not much to skate and to top it off I snapped my leg in a few places while skating and drinking became my main focus on life. I almost died with unheard of levels of vodka in my system, ended up in 2 rehabs but concurred my demons for good.. I hope


Like the phoenix, skateboarding pretty much killed itself yet again but once again but rose from the commercial ashes if shit. This is always good for the soul of skateboarding, not so much the $$$ but we didn’t get into this for money right?. Skateboarding rules and will always be a part of my life


Frontside slop, foto: Jon Burgess


When I chill, I chill,  

with My wife and kids . I try my best to be there for each of them when they need and try not to show favoritism because that will be called out in our tribe. lol

Im have been on a mission lately in ( with)

trying to make the most out of everyday and not sweat the shit you have no control over. I try my best to show my kids that as well

Dream session is,

My original crew with some additions.. Bucky, Ray, Dove and Myself.. Anywhere.. Anytime   additional crew Dave Allen , Henry Gutierrez, Darren Naverrette and others

Lately i have been working on :

not much other than some bike jumps for my son but I want to learn front feebles to fakie this spring.

When I was little I would like to…

Just be part of IT ALL!! I have an older brother Damon that got me caught up in all the good shit like Skating, BMX , Surfing but also drinking.. I would do just about anything to be accepted by him and the older crew so I kind of grew up pretty young

When im home I like to,


I normaly call my homies for,

skate time, checking up on them or home improvement work. I am not a man of tools and skills like that.

Your homies are,

Bucky, Dove, Ray, Dave, Furnee, Pribble, Gutierrez brothers and all our Mid Atlantic Vert crew. I tend to get along with all the most crews..

I enjoy to go to,

the beach when there are waves to surf, otherwise the beach is useless to me and tends to mess with my ADHD.. I get bored quick

Favorite drink is,

It was once Smirnoff but….

Water and coffee.

I used to have a thing for Vodka but that ended me up in 2 in house drug/alcohol rehab facilities so any alcohol these days is a no no

Favorite food is,  Thai I would think..

Favorite drug, Life is a speedball

When I cook,

I cook all the time. Cooking has been part of my life since I was a kid so I am comfortable in the kitchen. I would NEVER want to work in one but it is nice a a hobby

I listen to, many different styles.

I grew up with good rock from my dad then good punk and good hip hop. I am a music mutt

To go to restaurant is,

a pain at times with a family of 5 as well as pricey. Haha I usually cook from scratch all the time

Favorite skateboarders :

Ones that are having fun first and foremost after that I have to Give Henry Guitierez props for still going so hard. , Rune has my favorite style of all time hands down. He is one of those dudes that can make a kickturn look good..Bucky for the sheer skill level and his approach at the game. Frazier for determination and methodical technique. There are more but those come to mind

Favorite skatepark, Charm City Skatepark in Baltimore because they host a vert ramp for us.

Favorit spot,

Phishlips Ramp. What more is needed than an East Coast outdoor vert ramp with a cool owner and a big backyard? Perfection

TOP 3 cities,  

Not Baltimore. Copenhagen, NYC is a special place and maybe Vancouver BC. Beautiful city

When I do not skateboard,

i run crazy nonstop whether it be to a kids sports game or being the taxi service for my children. I am busy as shit pretty much all the time..

My fitness program is,

Keeping up with family duties as well as some bike riding

When I get old I want to,

continue to live and travel. I missed lots of the travel years being a young parent.

I would like to see more of,

people riding skateboards or doing anything that is real. People tend to get caught up in nonsense things while life passes them by. LIVE NOW DIE LATER!!

That one time where I was in jail because of,

Never have spent a night in jail. I have spent a few chunks of time in alcohol rehab..  

I should do more of,

Reading maybe? I don’t consider myself a stupid human but I never read much. I grew up in a wild household and school was not a top priority

My future looks like,

I will continue to wake up and live to the best of my ability as a Parent, Husband, Friend and skateboarder

I dream of,  

a world with all cool people. So many people get caught up in the false trinkets of life and not the real shit… I came home from Vert Attack last month stating that the world would be a much better place if there were more skaters…

The book I currently read is,

Car and Skateboard magazines.

If I could change the world I would,

Give everyone a fucking hug and make them feel it. Human existence is a gift that is taken for granted much too often

I would love to be in a movie with,  

Milla Jovovach from Resident Evil.. I have had a crush on her for a long time

I currently follow ( sociale media) I work in the I.T. world so I am around computers all day .. Yes FaceBook and a little instagram. Helps me pass the time


Frontside nosebone, photo,  Jon Burgess

Frontside nosebone, photo,  Jon Burgess


Thanks DK !! this is some amazing shit!! 

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