A look Inside the FSR Container Home

A look inside the FSR Container home  

Here is a Look inde a FSR container home . Ever wonder how the FSR team live ?  Well, we have the answer right here. Lets take a look. They are living a good life





Clean beds is important.

Clean beds is important.


Nice Padio.

Nice Padio, lots of space


Here is the important business table.

Here is the important business table.



Walk in closet deluxe.

Walk in closet deluxe.


From the Kalundborg skatepark, the FSR beton crew are shredding hard, great street. 



Varde skatepark, that FSR build. Great bowl. 




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3 Responses

  1. Molte says:

    I tell these guys every time I see them, how much I love them. It’s getting an old story by now, but I really do, I really, really do love them!

  2. Marilu says:

    Posted on I love how much little kids respond to music. I sing all the time with my stepson and he loves it, even though I am far from being a gifted singer.He does, however, have some stnaadrds. He hates it when I sing country, and cringes when I am off-key.

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