Lodge Guest, Lukas Olsen


Name: Lukas Olsen

Current: job / school: Stranges Skateboardschool / Physics (gymnasium-level)

Where are you from? Mørkhøj, Copenhagen

Where do you currently live? Mørkhøj, Copenhagen

Kids / family status: I have my parents and my brothers

Age: 22

Sponsors: Maybe Chacales, I don’t know for sure hahah

Board size: 8.5

Wheel size: Whatever I can get my hands on! Not too big though

Trucks: Independent 149 mm

I change set up every: I change my board every month or so, probably every year with everything else



When I chill, I chill with.

Whomever I’m with, I guess

Im have been on a mission lately in ( with)

Barcelona a few weeks ago with Hønse, Minde, Jais, Dannie, Alexander, Bjarne, Jared, SOX and Bisse, it was daaawp!

Lately i have been working on

I have a part in Jais Hansen’s new video. It’s coming out soon, I think!

When I was little I would like to…

I was a little emo-freak, I’m glad I started skating

When im home I like to.

Watch movies, edit skatevideos, learn to play the guitar, EAT FOOD

Normaly call my homies for.

Skate or beers (or both)

Your homies are

All skaters!! The best homies are definitely the IRON-homies! Also my brothers Lasse and Rasmus

I enjoy to go to

Skateparks/spots I haven’t been to before

Favorite drink is

Water after a session or mojitos

Favorite food is

Favorite food = free food. Quantity over quality hahah!

When I cook , I cook

The dish I’ve cooked the most times is probably omelets

I listen to

I basically listen to any kind of genre, but my favorite band is SLAYER! It always gets me so hyped!

To go to resturant is

My moms cooking

Favorite skateboarders

Chris Russell, Jonas Ginger, Kevin Kowalski and of course all of my friends

Favorite skatepark

Bryggeriet, Fælledparken or Hullet

Favorite spot

Don’t know, I mostly like skating transition

TOP 3 citys

3rd: Los Angeles 2nd: Barcelona 1st: Copenhagen

When I do not skateboard I.

Think about skating, I will never grow away from it

My fitness program is

Only skateboarding and slamming! I never worked out in my life

When I get old I want to

Be able to stand on my board

I would like to see more of

Fabio Sleiman and Dirk Rassloff

That one time where I was in jail because of

I got a ticket for pissing in the street once

I should do more of


My future looks like

Getting a wife, kids, a job and building a skatepark in my backyard

I dream of

Learning fs inverts, it’s really difficult!

The book I currently read is

It’s been a long time since I read a book last. I always tell myself, that I wanna start reading, but I never follow through.

I currently follow (sociale media)

@hallofmeatscooters @mini_spots and @malibue_jim are three accounts, that I definitely recommend on Instagram.

Anything else & Thanks:

Thanks Shredderslodge for interviewing me, I’m honored!


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