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Kim Stær

Kim Stær is a AAHUS LEGEND, shown here  doing DIY. The city of  Aarhus  is having a NEW concrete skatepark in a few months, Currently build by FSR beton.  


Name: Kim Stær

Current: job / school: Teacher

Where are you from? Aarhus, Denmark

Where do you currently live? Aarhus (Risskov)

Kids / family status: a wife and two children Josephine (age 15) and Tobias (age 10)

Age: 41

Sponsors:  Indy

Board size: 8.18

Wheel size: 52-53 mm.

Trucks: Indy titanium 139 mm

When I chill, I chill with, My family or my friends.


Lately i have been working on
Building some DIY in Aarhus and raising money for our new concrete skatepark.

When I was little I would like to… Fly

When im home I like to.Be with my family, watch movies, play games and I like to run. My family and I participate in different kind of runs anything from 5k´s to marathon.



Normaly call my homies for,

Getting directions to skatespots and figuring out when we are going to skateboard. Or finding out when we are going to meet up and hang out. 

Your homies are, Aravin Nathan, Kim Kadett, Matz, Elmer, Rølling, Skatesenior crew, Christian, Rune Bernth,Hulk, Møller, Rene V. Søren, Dennis Rasmussen, Twins, Damgaard, Michel Ravn, Anders S. Jonze and Nils, I also skate with my son Tobias and of course many many more.

I enjoy to go to,  The beach. I live close to the sea, and I go to the beach often. In the summer I almost go swimming every day.  

Favorite drink is, Coffee. I also like good beer and red wine.

Favorite food is,  My wifes food, she is really getting into vegan food and cooks the best dishes ever.

When I cook , I cook, Mostly boring food like spaghetti bolognese but once in a while I bake a nice chokolate cake.


I listen to

I listen to a lot of different music. I really like Bowie, Lou Reed and other “old” stuff. But I Also like some of the new bands coming out of Aarhus like Young and Fright eye. Skatepunk inspired music.  

To go to resturant is

Nice. I like trying new food. I should go out more though….


DOPE Fronside rock. 

Favorit skateboarders

Mike Carroll, John Cardiel, Ave, Marc Johnson, Chris Miller, Anders Jørgensen, and many more. I also get inspired by some of the younger people, that I skate with like Arder, Michel, Rene V., Daater Dennis Rasmussen, the Muellis brothers, Lonka and Twins + many more. 

Favorite skatepark

Fabrikken (rip), Sibbarp, Friland, Streetdome and hopefully a new concrete park in Aarhus.

Favorit spot

AG – It is not even a spot, but a skatepark, but I really miss the vibe surrounding that place and all the locals. I miss being under the “shoetree” on a nice warm spring day with all the AG locals. 

When I do not skateboard I.

Im working or I chill with my family. I am probably driving my daughter Josephine somewhere with her friends or watching Tobias kick ass at the Taekwondo club.



When I get old I want to

I will keep skateboarding forever. Or at least as long as my body is holding up. And what is old by the way?

I would like to see more of

Even more concrete parks in Denmark.

I should do more of

Stretching, Yoga and probably eat less meat.

My future looks like

I am content with where I am in my life. So it is looking nice 🙂

I dream of

Traveling more and lately I have been dreaming of hiking in the mountains.

The book I currently read is

The last book I read was about the Tour de france. I am a nerd about cycling, and I really love that race. Right now I am reading a book, that my class is reading called “skammerens datter”.

 Anything else & Thanks 

Thanks to my family Hanne, Jose and Toby.

Thanks to Rune Bernth for taking photos for this article and more…

All foto credits in this post :  Rune Bernth. thank you  sir!


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  1. Kris says:

    Er DIY lovlige i DK?

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