Vertical Legend Dave Allen

foto: Dan Sparagna

foto: Dan Sparagna

Name: Dave Allen

Current: job / school: I’m a stay at home dad, Mr Mum

Where are you from? I’m from Ware in Hertfordshire, it’s just outside London

Where do you currently live? I’m in a village called Flamstead near ST. Albans

Kids / family status: married with 3 kids. 16, 3 and 20 months

Age: 45

Sponsors: Death Skateboards, Skeleton Key MFG, Ricta, Pro-tec, Skate Parmacy, Skater Socks, Stratosphere, CTi Knee Braces, immortal laces

Board size:8.55

Wheel size:59mm Ricta Rune Glifberg Park Crushers

Trucks: Independent 149’s

I change set up every: I probably change my board every three weeks or so. My trucks depend on what I,m ridjng. I rarely set a whole freshie up

When I chill, I chill with,  Wine!

I’m have been on a mission lately in ( with) I’ve been pretty quiet over the winter, trying to stay healthy and recover from various niggling things.

Lately i have been working on,  keeping warm

When I was little I would like to… Spend every daylight hour on my skateboard

When im home I like to. Go for walks with my dog and play with the kids

Normally I call my homies for, The abuse, can’t beat a bit of banter

Your homies are Wingy, Sean Goff, Jim The Skin, Trevor Purse, Will Boatwright,Ray Fennessey, Dave Smith

Favorite drink is at the moment its fresh pressed apple juice. It’s so good. Failing that red wine or beer.

Favorite food is Mexican. But good Mexican, not Mexican style.

When I cook  I cook all manor of things. The kids don’t complain that much. I cook a mean spag bol

I listen to the radio mainly, a lot of talk radio. Showing my age!


foto: Nick Scott

foto: Nick Scott

Favorit skateboarders, Jeff Grosso, Bod Boyle, Tom Boyle Jason Jessee, Scissors, Sean Goff &  anyone with power really

Favorite skatepark,  Brook Run in Atlanta, GA

Favorit spot,  We used to have this bank by my house where I grew up. It was only about half a board high but went on for 100 metres or more. It’s gone now

 TOP 3 cities   London, Atlanta, Copenhagen

 When I do not skateboard I,  spend time with the family. When I do not skateboard enough I get grumpy

My fitness program,  is I just run with my dog in the mornings , It keeps us both healthy

When I get old I,  want to move around and walk without limping too much.

I would like to see more of, South & central America. It’s amazing down there

My future looks like painkillers and Epsom salts

I dream of,  Sun and parks near the beach

Anything else & thanks :

Thanks to all my family, friends, fellow skaters and sponsors. We all make a difference and without you its not possible


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