As a kid i use to read lot of product reviews, any product review. Board & shoe reviews, you name it. And i always liked it.  It seems product reviews kinda disappeared or something. Maybe it is because there is “too much” products out there for us to comprehend or maybe no one cares any more.  Anyways, we care &  product reviews are dope and OG.

The gentlemen over at the Nike SB HQ send over the Nike SB Dunk Ishod Wair shoe, to test and wear. The Nike SB Dunk is a OG Icon shoe style & silhouette, from the Nike program. The Ishod Wair dunk shoe is a slimmer version vs the older nike SB dunks vs the older nike dunk.  Which is very good.  It is lighter & it looks more fresh. Great update, makes sense.

Update & notification for you & in case you did not know. Ishod Wair is one of the best skateboarders in the world at the moment.  And he made a great “rebuild” & update of this low Dunk.

Shoe is tested in street, park, bowl and vert terrain over 4 weeks periode.

Lets take a look

Durability, sole, comfort, protection, board grip.

Over all very good ratings ( look at picture below it says it all )  I mean you can find a shoe out there that can last longer, but they look horrible. The suede is very good & grips very good for ollies & flips. Stitching holds up.


long lasting, sole is very flexible,  so you can take the shoe out of the box and go shred.  Sole has great grip.


Let go straight into cushioning,  that is the best of part of this shoe. As im a heavy guy,  I feel & felt protected, and skating bowl / vert you can go from height (S)  to landing low and you need good sole protection. Same with FAT stairs ( i did not jump down stairs)  You need a shoe that has good sole protection & here we are in very good hands.  But we are not taking about a fat sole. This sole has what you need for your daily shredding & good board feel. ( street, stairs, bowl & vert)  The shoe fits very good to your feet & makes a great overall comfort feeling.

The shoe is ready for action,  day one straight out of the box. Looks great.


As you can see on the picture the stitching still holds up. Both on the side and toe.  Of cause the lacers will never make it out alive. no chance.


Overall. I can recommend,  & here we really have a good product. Makes me wonder, if they call it dunk low pro,  Do we get to see a slimmer dunk pro high top ?    

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  1. Mike says:

    It never really occurred to me that these shoes would be field tested for skating, but I am loving how slim they are. Pretty classic look overall!

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