Premiere HITIT Film


WHERE: Copenhagen skatepark

DATE: 12 of march

TIME: 20.00

What ?  Film Action made by Jais Tellervo Hansen

SHREDDERS: Mikkel Haugegaard, Nicolai Minde, Tobias Bisse Christoffersen, Lukas Olsen, Andreas Laustsen, Bjarne Tjøtta, Kevin Bækkel, Jared Cleland og Alexander Risvad !

Looks like there is some LIVE shredder action going on as well. 


19.00 – Start

19.30 – Best Trick

20.30 – Best trick Awards ceremonies

21.00 – Premiere film starts  HITIT

24.00 – Skatepark closes.


Sounds like there will be some free beers in there as well ..


Enjoy !! Trailer below 


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