Lodge Guest, Joe Gavin

Name: Joe Gavin

Where are you from? Manchester Uk


Where do you currently live? Manchester Uk

Kids / family status: Me and my girl

Age: 32

Sponsors: Nike Sb, Carhartt wip ,Landscape Skateboards ,Note Shop, Spitfire thunder, Helas

Board size: 8.4

Wheel size: 52

Trucks: WIDE!


FOTO: Bertrand Trichet

Kickflip FOTO: Bertrand Trichet

When I chill, I chill with. My Girl

Im have been on a mission lately in Life

Lately i have been working on Landscape Skateboards

When I was little I would like to, be a cartoonist

When im home I like to,  eat, draw and make things with my hands

I normaly call my homies for,  a pint

I enjoy to go to,  Painting and skating in the wilderness

Favorite drink,  kiwi juice

To go to resturant is Alladins turkish!

Favorit skateboarders,  Keenan Milton, Quim Cardona



Favorite skatepark,  Platt Field of dreams

Favorit spot , Stockport plaza for now
When I do not skateboard,  I work Paint edit film shoot photo’s and chill

When I get old I want to, talk about skate missions in the pub

I would like to see more of, quim cardona

My future looks like the coolest little dog and house on the beach …I hope

I dream of, dog and house on the beach

Anything else & thanks, Carhartt Wip, Helas Caps Club, Nike SB, Note Shop, Landscape skateboards and shiner dist. My friends family and Laura my girlfriend

Joe has some dope work here ( www.joegavinfilm.co.uk)


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