From Dirt to dust book and OUT of steppe documentary

You know, when you go to the skatepark and it  starts to rains ? it sucks. Then imagine to go to Mongolia and realize the skatepark is gone !! 

From Dirt to dust book and OUT of steppe documentary.

Full story below, trailers and film. enjoy your friday. 



Trough Stephen Roe’s lens, a heterogeneous crew addresses the contrast of skateboarding from the infinite steppes to forgotten Mongolian towns, and incidentally discovers an urban blooming scene riding the saddle of a galloping Globalization.

The History:

Back in 2004, a phalanx of skateboarders decided to go skate a giant skatepark they had seen a photo of, in the heart of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Once they reached, only to discover that the structure had been razed three weeks prior, the real adventure began.
The resulting book (Dirt Ollies) and film (Mongolian Tyres)* depicted the trip—an epic rendition of two worlds colliding, and of a country about to go through a drastic change.
Ten years later, Mongolia has become one the quickest growing countries in the world, thanks to its underground treasures (coal, copper, rare metals, uranium, etc.), both blessing and curses with tales of anarchic growth a nd profound society changes.
From the dirt roads of 2004 to the construction sites’ dust of 2014, this decade of (r)evolution fully deserved a new book and a film. We decided to use what we knew, skateboarding, to monitor the transformation from a vernacular angle. And so, ten years later, bags were packed again for an heteroclitic crew of skateboarders, photographers, writers, architects. Mongolia, here we went again…


OUT of steppe Trailer

About Stephen Roe:

Still very much a current professional skateboarder (for a company called Heroin Skateboards) having reached cult status through his amazing video parts and lankyframed antics, Stephen “Rogie” Roe is a filmmaker and photographer based in London. After graduating from the Manchester school of Art, he won the Royal Television Society Student award, an achievment that has since propelled this extermely seasoned traveller to shooting documentary and commercial films worldwide.


Directed, filmed and edited by Stephen Roe

Skateboarders: Joseph BiaisJerome CampbellIgor FardinYoshihiro “Deshi” OmotoSylvain TognelliPhil Zwijsen

Original soundtrack: Joel Curtis, Samuel Jones

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Mongolia. Skate 10. Percy Dean Sylvain_Tognelli_Backside_Kickflip_by_Percy_Dean Tough Road. Mongolia. Carhartt. Percy Dean copy

Mongolian Tyres,  by Henrik Edelbo. 

Full length documentary shot on 16 & 8 mm such as DV and directed by  Danish Henrik Edelbo.

Skateboarders: Pontus Alv, Scott Bourne, Quentin de Briey, Tom Derichs, Julian Dykmans, Vincent Gootzen, Geoffrey van Hove, Hugo Liard, Chris Pfanner, Kenny Reed, Muki Rüstig.

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The book below. Some dope shit. 

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