Lodger PRO Sam Beckett

Please Enjoy Sam Beckett

foto: brian shamanski

Backside nosegrind foto: Brian Shamanski

Name: Sam Beckett

Current:job / school:
Skateboarder/ traveler

Where are you from?: 

Where do you currently live: ?
Between norwich and California in a big travel bag.

Sponsors: Blind, Vans, Monster, Route one, Oakley, Skeletonkey, Dickies, Bones, Thunder trucks

What are you doing right now/ this month ?

Heading to Austria for a mission with a few of the boys. Jake Collins, Nando and Alex Halford

What is your job and what do you do ?

Fortunate enough not to have a job currently, just having fun skating at the moment.




Sam, alex og jimmy

The 3 musketeers, from left. Jimmy Wilkins, Alex Perelson & Sam


How is the life of a pro skateboarder from UK ?

It’s been super fun so far, wouldn’t change anything. Meeting a lot of good people along the way and going to some amazing places. Always enjoy being back in England and looking forward to spending a little bit of time there in the summer. It’s a shame that I can’t be there more but I’m enjoying the parks, ramps and sessions that California has to offer.

What is the future plans for SB ?

Just keep doing what i’m doing. Working on a part for an upcoming blind video, just trying to film and stuff around contests.(we at shredders lodge were kinda early / late with the interview, so Sam finished his part in the mean time)

Are you living the dream ?
Always, I just try and enjoy everything that i’m doing, even if i’m hurt or not skating or I have “boring” jobs to do. I figure if you enjoy just existing then all the fun stuff becomes way more fun.

What would be your ( WET ) dream project ?

I dunno really, skate trip with friends, where there is no pressure or time constraints.

Anything else ?

Sleep when you’re tired.


Sam Beckett 2008, at the TAMPA PRO / AM Vert contest

A young Sam Beckett 2008, at the TAMPA PRO / AM Vert contest in YBOR

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