Welcome to the LODGE, You are wanted, we would like you to become todays featured skateboarder on the lodge. We want to read & get to know stuff about your daily life.

Here is how you do it.

GO to

Go to LODGE Guest

Please fill out / answer the below questions (please answer more than yes, no and i dont know)   upload your photo’s and video links.  We will post when you are done In case you need to add more photos or other action, please let us know, or just submitt more answers twice. We will make it happen / change your interview and make you look great.

We will post when you are done and we have received everything.


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If you’re on Instagram, facebook, tumble or Twitter, please share it on your feed if you want.  Don’t forget to follow us @shredderslodge  on  instagram and facebook.  Please use hashtag #shredderslodge and #lodgelife

Tell your homeboys, friends or squad to get on the lodge as well, feel free to send them this link, do it together !

Thank you for supporting the lodge.


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