WANTED: Lodge guest, legends, pros, and randoms


Roche, FS rock. Photo: Thomas Kring

Roche, FS rock. Photo: Thomas Kring

Dear Lodge Reader.

We are spending a lot of time contacting our lodge guest’s, that we interview. Now you can help us ! In case you see, know, want to see a NEW lodge guest that we missed out. please comment below. We need more guests, legends, pro’s and randoms guests here.

Feel free to contact us if you have ideas and plans you want to share here at the lodge !

Thanks for your support and thanks for your reads. !!

PS: We have some good stuff coming, but we WANT MORE  !!

Bonki, Photo: Thomas Kring

Bonki, Photo: Thomas Kring

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2 Responses

  1. Baxxel says:

    Fredwart, Bromse og Thomas Nomnomnamnam the next new G

  2. Dk shreders says:

    vigge.woll, a must is the home Sebatian lacour and willis kimbel, al parten darren navare and stu graham

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