Lodge Guest, Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg


Interview and text from aug 2016 below.

This is Oski, trust me, he rips hard. You will see a lot more of him the next years, in case you have not noticed him yet, you have been sleeping.

Please enjoy our future.

Thomas Kring 


Fernando & Oski


Current: job / school: entrepreneur/world traveler

Where are you from? Malmo

Where do you currently live? Malmo

Age: 19

Sponsors: Polar, Nike, SML, Modus, Streetlab, shredderslodge

Board size: 8,25

Wheel size: 53

Trucks: 149

I change set up every, 2 weeks

When I chill, I chill with, mydawgs

Im have been on a mission,  lately in NYC with the polar and frog boys

Lately i have been working, on my drivers license

When I was little I would like to, get out of school and go skate

When im home I like to,  Catch up with my friends and go do something outside




Your homies are,

 so sick

I enjoy to go to, 

the airport

Favorite drink is, 

peanut butter & double chocolate chip milkshake

Favorite food is, 

pasta, Indian, burgers

When I cook, 

I cook a omelette

I listen to, 

classics only

To go to restaurant is, 


Favorit skateboarders:

Grant Taylor, Van Wastell, Wade Speyer, Gino, Matt Rodriguez, Lucas Puig, Daniel Cardone, Cardiel, Dan Drehobl, Brent Atchley, TNT and of course Burgerkongen

Favorite skatepark,  

Stapelbäddsparken Malmø

Favorit spot, 

A good spot with a nice environment where there are plenty of fun and different things to skate. Tranny spots are also fun.


Nose blunt action. Foto: Eken Eriksson

Nose blunt action.  photo : Eken Eriksson


TOP 3 citys, 

NYC, Paris, Malmo

When I do not skateboard,

I write emails

My fitness program is,

sauna to swimming in a cold ocean

When I get old I want to, 

keep shredding & stay relevant

I would like to see more of, 


That one time where I was in jail because of,  

never been in jail




I should work more on, 

my image

My future looks,

like a frontside grind

I dream of, 

Big L making another album

The book I currently read is,

the old man and the sea

I currently follow


Anything else & thanks

Thank you the Lodge !

Dopeshit OSKI, Thank you & tack så mycke  for supporting the lodge  ! 

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