Lodge Brand Review. LUSTFUL from CPH.

Our very good friends Rune Glifberg, Nc Stormgaard and Claus Gasque, since many years 20 + years …. All dope dudes,  all OG’s & legends from CPH has started LUSTFUL Clothing.

“Simple concept”  says Claus Gasque. We just make what we like,  T-shirts, Caps, beanies,  L/S T-shirts & we have more coming. We do not make collections,  we just produce what we feel is right & then introduce to the marked. It has already worked.  Smaller drops. easy concept.

Concept is buy now,  before we are out of stock.

Check the site & get hyped.


3 legends





They have some dope items in the webshop.  This White  L/S  T-shirt is one of them.

Nice lookbook, nice twist  & good work guys  !!


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